February 27, 2015

12 Ways to Celebrate Read Across America Day / Dr. Seuss’s Birthday


March 2nd is Read Across America Day, as well as the birthday of Dr. Seuss! 

It’s amazing how often I am reading a Dr. Seuss book and find inspiration for my own life! The impact he has made on children's literacy is truly worth celebrating. 

Here a few ways you can celebrate his contributions on Read Across America Day:

1. Host a Read-A-Thon

Let your students wear PJ’s, bring snacks, and maybe even have an exclusively Dr. Seuss read-a-thon! You can go all day, all afternoon, one hour, or 30 minutes—whatever fits your class schedule. 

2. Throw a Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Throw a Dr. Seuss Birthday Party for your class! Pinterest is full of ideas for Dr. Seuss crafts and snacks to help spice up the occassion

3. Have a Crazy Socks Day

Encourage your students to wear crazy socks and read Fox in Sox as a class. 

4. Have a Hat Day

Let your students have a hat day and read The Cat in the Hat as a class.

5. Have a Pajama Day

Let your students have a pajama day and read I’m Not Going to Get Up Today as a class.

6. Have a Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast/Try New Things Day

Have a breakfast of green eggs and ham—and read the book! Or, if that's not practical, read the book and have your students make goals of new things they want to try—or have them pick something new to try that day

7. Act Out Dr. Seuss Stories

Let your students bring Dr. Seuss stories to life by having them act out their favorite stories. 

8. Dress Up As Favorite Dr. Seuss Character/Book Character

Read a few Dr. Seuss books leading up to March 2nd and let your students dress up as their favorite character. Or, you could open things up a bit and let students dress up like their favorite character from any book. 

9. Decorate Your Classroom

Read a few Dr. Seuss books to your students and have them choose their favorite as a theme for your classroom or door decoration. You could even invite other classes to do the same and make it a competition! 

10. Go to the Library

Help your students choose books that match their reading level at your school library.

11. Invite Guest Readers

Invite guest readers from your community to read to your students. 

12. Set Reading Goals

Discuss the importance of reading and have your students set reading goals for the remainder of the school year.

For additional ideas visit the NEA’s Read Across America Day events page › 

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