Creating Sustainable and Practical Change

By staying true to this approach for the last 35 years, Reading Horizons has been able to focus on making it a sustainable and practical solution for districts of various sizes and demographics.

Because we want to create systemic change in reading instruction, our real work begins after each purchase of our reading curriculum. We partner with each district to achieve the following goals:

Goal 1: Increase Teacher Knowledge & Skill

Maximize teacher effectiveness in direct instruction and overall understanding of the Reading Horizons method.

We know that changing to a new reading curriculum and instructional approach takes significant commitment and training—especially in the first year of implementation. To help your district convert to your new reading curriculum, Reading Horizons offers the following resources:

  • An Initial One-Day Vision Training and Planning for Administrators
  • An Initial Two-Day Training for Staff
  • Unlimited phone/email support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Scripted direct instruction materials that guide teachers as they adjust to this approach
  • On-going access to online professional development for teachers to review and master this instructional approach to reading
  • The Implementation Coach Program provides both in-person and distant coaching from a dedicated Reading Horizons expert throughout the school year

Goal 2: Create a Blended Learning Environment

Layer in instructional software and online tools into the classroom to create a data-driven approach to reading instruction.

Once your teachers are confident teaching with the direct instruction materials, we help your teachers layer in our instructional software and online lesson planning tool in the classroom. These tools provide teachers with data-driven insights into student progress and understanding—increasing the effectiveness of direct instruction and creating a blended learning environment at your district.

Goal 3: Build District Capacity and Sustainability

Identify teacher candidates from each school to go through the Reading Horizons Trainer Certification at the end of Year 1.

After your teachers have mastered this new way of teaching and understanding reading instruction, it’s time to pass the reins to your own staff to provide continual training. By selecting a few staff members to become Certified Reading Horizons Trainers you provide your district with in-house experts that can provide unlimited training to staff (at no additional cost) and increase the sustainability of the Reading Horizons reading curriculum.