August 02, 2010

How Reading Horizons Intervention Program Meets the Needs of All 3 RTI Tiers

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Response to Intervention (RTI) is an early intervention model used to help teachers and schools like yours, prevent long-term academic failure. The following outlines how you could use the Reading Horizons Discovery® reading intervention program in all 3 RTI tiers to help your school accomplish this goal:

How Does Reading Horizons Discovery® Meet the Requirements of Tier I?

  • Research-based reading program
  • Materials for teaching explicit, systematic phonics (builds phonemic awareness, letter-sound association, recognition and understanding of word patterns and formations)
  • Works well in a classroom setting
  • Multi-sensory activities appeal to many learning styles
  • Direct assessments identify proficiency & monitor progress
  • Supplements most major core curriculums
  • Computer software is aligned with classroom instruction 
  • Software supplement helps students internalize skills

How Does Reading Horizons Discovery® Meet the Requirements of Tier II?

  • Works well for small-group instruction
  • Students receive guided practice
  • Additional activities & instruction available for struggling readers
  • Resource materials for reinforcing & internalizing skills
  • Multi-sensory direct instruction
  • Assessments given on a weekly basis
  • Errors receive immediate corrective feedback

How Does Reading Horizons Discovery® Meet the Requirements of Tier III?

  • Found effective in special education settings (especially for students displaying dyslexia, ADD, & other learning disabilities)
  • Instruction adjusts well for very small groups or one-on-one instruction
  • Works well for any age group
  • Multi-sensory involvement (essential when working with special-needs students)
  • Computer software allows collaboration between all teachers & tiers
  • Instruction & reading interventions can easily tailored to individual student needs
  • Continuous progress monitoring
  • Instruction addresses specific skill deficits 
  • The methodology allows students to progress rapidly to more-mature reading passages

Learn more about using Reading Horizons Discovery® elementary reading program in each of the RTI tiers. 

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Reading Intervention Software said

Thanks for this post. I have learned a lot from this post.At each level of RTI, awareness is based on commitment of execution, with emphasis on cultural and linguistic responsiveness and appreciation for student strengths. Really it is very effective. RTI softwares are like boon for us. It helps the teachers to monitor and increase the performance of students.

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