RHE Direct Instruction

Prepare teachers to provide research-based reading instruction for struggling readers and English Language Learners in grades 4+.


Teaching Struggling Readers in Grades 4+

Empower teachers with the materials to prepare and deliver research-based direct instruction lessons that help struggling readers and English Language Learners understand the rules of the English language and make sense of reading with the Reading Horizons Elevate® direct instruction materials.

The Reading Horizons Elevate® direct instruction materials prepare teachers to do the following:

Align Instruction to Reading Science

Teachers can easily align their instruction to the research-based best practices of reading science, Structured Literacy, and the Orton-Gillingham approach with the Reading Horizons Elevate® direct instruction materials. These materials are naturally aligned with these practices and give teachers detailed prompts for modeling and sequencing their instruction to maximize student understanding and success.

Engage Students in Multisensory Reading Instruction

Multisensory instruction is beneficial and engaging for every student but essential for struggling readers. By using instructional practices that connect multiple senses at a time, students are able to make new brain connections and experience deeper learning. This allows struggling readers and students with learning differences (such as dyslexia) to find success with reading.

Provide High-Interest, Low-Level Reading Passages

It can be difficult to find reading material for older struggling readers that doesn't feel babyish or off-putting. To give these students the reading practice they need at the level they require, we have created an extensive library of passages that range in difficulty from grade level 1-12 that appeal to older students. Passages cover a wide range of genres, ensuring there are passages to appeal to every student.


Lesson Plans for Struggling Readers

Provide teachers with a detailed guide for teaching each skill needed for proficient reading with the Reading Horizons Elevate® Teacher's Manuals. Each skill is taught with a multisensory, research-based approach that helps students build new brain connections. The manuals can be used as the primary source of student instruction or to provide additional reinforcement when students struggle with a skill on the program's software component.


Reading Passages for Older Learners

Help students transfer foundational reading skills to fluent reading while learning about a wide range of high-interest topics. The Reading Horizons Elevate® Reading Library books provide hundreds of content-rich nonfiction passages for older students at every reading level (1-12). Each passage is assigned a Lexile® measure that can be used to match students to the right level of passages (the Reading Library Assessment in the software can be used to determine a student's Lexile® measure).


Helping Struggling Readers Transfer & Reinforce Decoding Skills

To help students practice, reinforce, and transfer the decoding skills they are taught during instruction, a variety of materials are included with the teacher's manuals:

Reference Posters

It’s hard to remember everything—especially for students with processing difficulties. Seven wall posters (42 Sounds of the Alphabet, Blends, Vowels, Special Vowel Combinations, Adjacent Vowels, Five Phonetic Skills, and Two Decoding Skills) serve as a student reference for the key skills taught in the Reading Horizons Elevate® program.

Student Workbooks

Help students practice and reinforce the skills they are learning during software and teacher-led instruction with consumable student workbooks. The Student Book includes lesson reviews, decoding and reading practice, and vocabulary activities. The English Language Enhancement helps ELLs enhance their understanding of vocabulary, pronunciation, and culture through informational and practice activities.

Transfer Cards

Teachers can help students transfer decoding skills into fluent reading with 624 Transfer Cards. These cards provide additional skill practice by providing word lists and sentences that emphasize each skill taught in the program.


Blending Teacher-Led Instruction with Online Tools and Data

Teacher-led instruction is irreplaceable, but software and online tools can extend a teacher's reach. To provide teachers with the data and support they need to meet the needs of each struggling reader and English Language Learner, Reading Horizons also offers a software program and a free customer support website. The software provides assessment, instruction, and activities. The website has a lesson planning tool, how-to videos, and downloadable resources for teachers.

"I will never forget a 17-year-old high school student that participated in Reading Horizons Elevate® program. In less than a year, she went from a score of 20% to that of 80% on a phonics-based nonsense word test. She had initially been reading on a Kindergarten level, but her work in the program raised her 2.5-grade levels in just a few months. She had not seen that success in nearly 11 years of schooling."

- Rosemarie F., Curriculum Coordinator, Gloucester City Public Schools, NJ

"I have a student who went up 400+ Lexile® points at midpoint. He smiles every day and tells me how easy reading is now. He just told me that it's because of the Reading Horizons program; he is reading 12th-grade books and can read the 'big words' that he could not read before."

- Diane W., Texas Juvenile Justice Department, TX

"In the three months that our school has been using the Reading Horizons Elevate® program we have seen incredible results. Some of the student's responses are as follows: 'We wish we started this five years ago,' 'When can I have access to the Reading Horizons Library?' 'Can I work on this all year?'  In addition to the overwhelming interest by our student body, several teachers have commented on increased confidence levels in class, increased fluency, and more accurate spelling."

- Steven S., Assistant Principal, High School of Economics & Finance, New York City, NY

"I am amazed at the growth that I have seen in my students this year after using Reading Horizons as an intervention program. I have had a few students who went from reading 7 words per minute to now reading almost 40 words per minute."

- Leigh F., Pittsburgh Public Schools, PA

"I use the Reading Horizons Elevate® program to teach learning disabled and students with dyslexia.  My students and I experience tremendous success with it. I find it works miracles for some students who have been told that they would never learn how to read above a certain grade level or read at all."

- Leah W., Ysleta Independent School District, El Paso, TX