April 07, 2011

Top 5 Ways to Adapt Instruction for Struggling Readers

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helping struggling readers

Up to 20 percent of students have reading difficulties. You can help these children and young adults by reexamining how you approach and adapt your early reading instruction and reading intervention methods. Have a look at these suggestions from other teachers that may help you adjust your teaching techniques to meet the needs of struggling readers.

 1) Understand Students’ Background Knowledge   

  • Continually assess requisite skills and knowledge   
  • Build on what students already know   
  • Consider cultural and linguistic diversity

2) Review/Re-teach Previously Taught Skills   

  • Keep reviews frequent, interesting, and brief   
  • Use multiple techniques when re-teaching   
  • Vary the format from the initial instruction

3) Present New Materials in Small Steps   

  • Use logical, small step sequencing when teaching   
  • Include many examples using multisensory techniques

4) Check for Understanding   

  • Ask different levels of questions   
  • Encourage students to generate questions   
  • Incorporate sufficient wait time   
  • Teach self-monitoring

5) Provide Timely Feedback   

  • Use prompts to help students notice and fix errors   
  • Take time to encourage and praise students

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