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Literacy is Opportunity.

At Reading Horizons, we understand the unique challenges that English language learners (ELLs) face when striving to achieve reading proficiency. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative, science-based, foundational reading program that meets individual needs and has proven to be highly effective for all learners.

Our immersive program engages learners with interactive lessons, activities, and content, helping them develop critical reading, spelling, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension skills. By tailoring our approach to each learner’s specific needs, we empower students to make significant progress toward their English language goals and achieve the literacy skills needed for success in school and beyond. With Reading Horizons, students around the globe can overcome language barriers and unlock a world of opportunities.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Contact your Reading Horizons representative.
  2. Get a personalized plan for your students, school. or educational site.
  3. Celebrate reading breakthroughs!

Download our “Teaching and Learning English” flyer.

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We provide:

  • Explicit, systematic, and multisensory instruction
  • Scripted teacher manuals and materials for teachers and students
  • Specifically designed decodable texts
  • Digital tools
  • Professional Learning
  • Free resources for students and teachers

The next generation of foundational literacy

Reading Horizons Discovery

You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. With leading real-time data, you can celebrate reading success district-wide.

Looking for a reading program designed for older students?

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Teacher Manuals and Materials for Teachers and Students

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For newcomers, developing readers, and English Language learners, we can do more and do it better.

Reading Horizons digital tools provide:

  • Assessments and progress monitoring to ensure the personalization of the program
  • Instruction and practice tailored to students’ individual needs
  • The ability to monitor their own progress and experience success
  • Engaging lessons and fun  learning activities
  • Optional language translation in Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.
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With Reading Horizons Launch Pad, your students will:

  • Make connections between oral language and the written word
  • Learn with authentic language in relevant, meaningful contexts
  • Enhance their life skills, job marketability, and academic goals
  • Increase their confidence with using technology

I came from Mexico without knowing any English. All I knew was how to say ‘hello’ and ‘bye.’ The Reading Horizons system helped me to improve my reading score to an eleventh-grade level in less than a year. I couldn’t have done this without using Reading Horizons.


I’ve been in Japan for over 30 years, have taught from pre-school to university, and have countless programs over the years. This program seems very, very exciting, and I would like to see what it can do for my students here in Japan.


Meet Your Representative

If you are located outside the United States, contact Aysara, your Reading Horizons Account Executive, to schedule a presentation tailored to your needs.


Aysara Otarova

International Account Executive


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