Five Finds Friday (Part Two)

November 20, 2015

I’m back for a second round of Five Finds Friday. This week has been crazy busy and it won’t be slowing down this weekend or anytime soon with the holidays just around the corner. However, I am looking forward to everything that comes with this busy season.

Remember to check out the blogs of those who came up with the Five Finds Friday link-up (Taylor Schumann – Schmusings and Holly Paulette).

I’ve seen this video several times this week on Facebook and I love it. They are playing a game to see if they can read their daughter’s and son-in-law’s lips. The soon-to-be grandfather is hilarious while trying to read their lips and then his reaction is both funny and sweet when he figures it out.

I bought this t-shirt last weekend in preparation for Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming out next month! I’ve been watching all of the Star Wars movies for the first time this year and I love them. I just need to watch Episode VI before the new movie comes out. Target has this one and several other Star Wars shirts right now. (p.s. I don’t know if this t-shirt is actually considered “fashionable” but it’s fun and I like it.)

image from Target
image from Target

Guys. I had biscuit beignets for the first time last weekend and now I just really want them again. Unfortunately, I was an hour from home when I ate them. I did find a recipe for Beignets for the Lazy and I think I will try it out sometime soon.

Thanks to Taylor Schumann’s finds, I discovered Kristen Schmucker’s shop. I just added several items to my wish list including this devotional based on the book of Hosea.

image from Kristin Schmucker
image from Kristin Schmucker

I love this. It’s a nice reminder.



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