September 2, 2016

The writing prompt for today is to share a list of current goals. I haven’t shared goals here very much, though I frequently am writing goals in my notebooks. I’m going to share some goals I have for September and I plan to let you know what goals I achieved at the end of the month.


  1. Finish 4 books.
    I challenged myself at the beginning of the year to read 52 books and so far I’m right on schedule. I’ve finished 36 so far which means I need to finish 4 per month to finish out with 52. To find out what I’ve read so far this year go here, here, and here.
  2. Exercise 20 days this month. This could be anything from going to the gym, working out at home, or going for a run. The goal is just to be active 20 days.
  3. Take 2 PRAXIS tests. I already have a teaching license to teach K-12 Physical Education and Health, but I’m wanting to add more certifications in the hopes of teaching in the future. I’ve already got the tests scheduled, so there will be lots of studying this month.
  4. Check two items off my 101 in 1,001 list.
  5. Stick to our budget.
  6. Participate in the blog-tember challenge at least 20/30 days.

I’m hoping to make this month a good one! Are any of your goals similar to mine?



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    1. I really like that you mentioned being active 20 days of the month in any active way. I have been trying to run and do free weights on the same days and get so exhausted that I only do it once or twice a week at most. But If I break up those two things and maybe add something else that is fun for me like Pilates, I think I can up my active days. You got me thinking now! Thanks!! 🙂

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